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With over 12 years of teaching experience, I am a passionate about helping my students to make new discoveries and reach their goals. I teach students of all levels and ages, from the young student with goals of conservatory acceptance to the adult amateur looking to rediscover their love of playing. I offer private violin lessons in the New York City area, but also teach online violin lessons to students around the world. 

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I firmly believe that the idea of “talent” - that is, some immense natural ability only a small portion of the population is gifted - is vastly overrated. Yes, everyone begins at a different starting line. However, those who advance are those who love all aspects of what they do. They are humble listeners; passionate practicers; joyous performers. They succeed because they delight in every small step along the way to success. 


It is one of my greatest joys to work with students who share my deep love for the craft. Together, starting from wherever you are, we will develop all of the skills you need to optimize your practice time and accomplish your playing goals. Under my skilled guidance and with your ardent work, you will soon find that you can “lap” those who are relying solely on talent.

Jeremías Sergiani Velázquez by Katie Alt
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A good portion of lessons is spent focusing on technique studies, as technique is the foundation for all that we do. Apart from studying the standard violin repertoire, I encourage my students to study pieces which resonate deeply with them. I find that my students are more likely to give their all to the pieces that they choose for themselves and that reflect their own particular musical interests. 

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working with a student at the Conservatorio Superior de Música "Ástor Piazzolla" in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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